Wearable Art - Where our swim short designs came from...?

nice umbrellas featured photo from nice france


Welcome to Rwenzori's first blog post!

Curious to know where our unique photo prints came from?

We have hand picked some of our favourite photos from around the globe and turned them into wearable art in the form of luxury swim shorts... Our first five deigns to launch our company came from a few featured photographers including our founder. As you'll discover many of our designs are European focused - a perfect fit for our euro classic style swim short!

Here is an insight into the actual photos we have used and where they were taken:

1. Saint-Tropez, France 

The name says it all. Think summer in the Med and you think of deck chairs, pebble beaches and bronzed bodies soaking up the long summer days of sunshine. Taken in the iconic Saint-Tropez on the Cote d'azur (French Riviera). Our aim was to portray what summer in the med is all about. A true classic. (Photo by Ben Sheriff)

2. Venice Beach, California USA

Another iconic setting - Venice Beach in Cali. Venice Beach has evolved into the go to place to be and be seen in SoCal. From the famous boardwalks and skate parks to the quirky shops and trendy bars and cafes. What better time to enjoy venice than during those epic Cali sunsets. (Photo by Ben Sheriff)

3. Hong Kong 

Time warp! A change in pace from the Med and beach scene.  This one is hard to pinpoint and rather unique... Choi Hung Estate is found in the concrete jungle of Kowloon, Hong Kong. This rather hard to find old condo complex was first built in the early 1960s. Its retro colours and style of the 60's complex can still be seen today and is a hotspot for local photographers and instagramers wanting to showcase its unique aspect through creative photography. (Photo by Ben Sheriff)

4. Bali, Indonesia


Bali - a hotspot for all south east asian travel lovers... Bali has evolved from a once sleepy fishing island into a lux and thriving island of 5 star spa hotels and retreats to fancy beach clubs and cocktail bars.  Whatever your style Bali has you covered! Our drone photo of one of Bali's best beaches showcases traditional fishing vessels symmetrically aligned in the crystal clear Padangbai waters creating a seriously intriguing and captivating visual image. Enjoy! (Photo by Harry Bates)

5. Nice, France

Another Iconic beach scene in the Med. This time a little further around the coast to booming Nice. The chic seaside city boasts long beaches scattered with beachside restaurants and cocktail bars. Bustling with beach and party goers in peak summer. This image captures a different perspective from above offering some sweet colour tones! (Photo by R. Dudley) 

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